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Jill Anderson

Fast Facilitator

Nutritionist    Dip Nutrition                              

I was born in Te Koporu but have spent many years living on Waiheke Island with frequent trips to Western Australia. With my children and grandchildren living in Perth, and on Waiheke, I am lucky to be able to spend quality time with them.

I studied at Wellpark College of Natural Therapies and have a diploma of Nutrition.

My passion is food and nutrition as I believe that food is our best medicine. A healthy organic fresh food diet enhances our lifestyle and longevity.

I’ve been a vegetarian for many years and gluten free the last 8 years.  Recently I have been trialling a pure vegan diet.

I have been attending fasts at Aio Wira Centre for 17 years having completed a dozen 5 and 10-day fasts. I find fasting is a fantastic rest and cleanse for my body and love meeting and getting to know fellow fasters.




027 341 2040




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