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Embodied Self
Maya Nova
Weekend Retreat

18-  20 August 

Have you been feeling fatigued and stuck recently? Or overwhelmed and exhausted? Like you are languishing in survival mode, with no energy to rise and shine? Like there is no time to focus on you or what matters in your life? Like you are just running in circles, going nowhere? 

When was the last time you felt radiantly happy, healthy, and fulfilled? 

Sometimes, all we need to do is to press pause and come back into more loving and honest relationship with ourselves. To investigate, with curiosity and compassion, where we have abandoned, compromised or betrayed ourselves and to come into alignment with the embodied truth of who we are. 



The embodied self retreat is an invitation to shift from a fragmented, chaotic, stressed state into a state of harmony of mind, body and being. 


To be embodied means to live in a state of wholeness. 


We will use different modalities, from yoga to meditation, relaxation and rest and mindfulness in nature to  open and relax into a state of presence and acceptance. 

. We must first meet ourselves where we are; only then we can begin the process of integration, healing and transformation. 


This is the space to slow down, to disentangle  and refocus; find clarity and calm and feel alive in yourself; to rest, restore and come back to your whole true authentic embodied self. 



This retreat will provide a safe, supportive and inspiring space for you to do just that.  


Join us for this weekend of holistic, deep self-awareness and self-care designed to restore your wellbeing - the experience of abundant vitality, contentment and joy and a clear sense of purpose. 

We will engage in the mind and body vitality restoring practices: 

  • Self-awareness, self-love and self-compassion 

  • Meditation 

  • Mindfulness in nature 

  • Yoga (yang and yin) 

  • Restorative yoga, sound healing and deep relaxation 

  • Time to reflect and set intentions 

Aiowira centre is a safe, beautiful place located in the lush tranquillity of the Waitakere ranges, only a 30-minute drive from Auckland City. 

Delicious, nourishing, organic, vegetarian food will be served. There are sauna and spa on-site and warm fires in the common rooms. Once you register, we will be in touch with more information. 

Once you register, we will be in touch with more information. 


Cost :: $890 


Teacher Bios 


Maya Nova 


Maya has been learning and practicing mindfulness and meditation for over 20 years, including being ordained as Buddhist nun for 2 years. Her passion is integrating mindfulness into life and work, creating energy, inspiration and presence to live life awake to each moment, as if each moment truly mattered. 


In recent years Maya’s style has been focused on the practice of non-duality and deep embodiment of the life force and vitality. 


Maya is known for her direct and warm approach and facilitating the inquiry that generates powerful and liberating insights. She creates and holds safe space for our individual and collective awakening.  



‘Maya, your gifts are bountiful and the value you bring to people is many and varied.  

For me, it’s your ability to tune into the needs of an individual or group. Your compassion, kindness and generous spirit manifest as incredible empathy and understanding which allows you to make such a meaningful, positive difference to others. Your gift enables others to be open to a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.”Patricia 


It is my great privilege and joy to facilitate this weekend retreat with the help of two highly skilled guest teachers:  


Cheryl Farthing 


Cheryl Farthing is a Yoga and Meditation teacher and Sound Healer. She specialises in using Crystal Tones alchemy bowls. Each bowl is unique and fired with purest grade of quartz crystals blended with an alchemical mixture of minerals, gems and other crystals. Their incredible sound is ethereal and a magical pointer for the hearers to a return home to a place of inner peace.  


For this retreat she will some simple supported Yoga Poses to gentle open the body and leave you feeling nourished and peaceful. Then guide you on a Sound Journey using specialised sound frequencies to promote deep rest and nervous system rebalancing that will help the listeners to move into a hypnotic, mediative or theta brainwave state to access deeper levels on inner wisdom and healing.  


Daphne Luke 

Daphne Luke has been practising yoga for 25 years and teaching internationally since 2006. 

 Daphne was one of the first teachers to introduce yin yoga to Auckland and is a senior teacher under pill Paul Grilley (the founder of yin yoga ). Daphne’s style of teaching honours the individual by always giving many options using her extensive knowledge of anatomy and skeletal variation. Daphne also shares her in depth knowledge of the meridians,  fascia, chi, chakras and  meditation to offer a complete practise exploring both the physical body and energetic body.  She is well loved in the community for her knowledgeable style of teaching always delivered with a touch of humour! 



Contact details: 

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