Kawai Pura Pura
Live Your Yoga

200 hour Yoga Teachers Training

22 days intensive: 10-29 January | 11-13 March 2022
10 weekends: May – August 2022
2 x 9 days + 1 weekend: September – November 2022

In the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training at Kawai Purapura students learn the foundations of Classical Hatha Yoga. Many modern yoga styles are based on Asana from Classical Hatha Yoga. With the 200 hour training, students build a solid foundation for their personal practice and teaching.

Kawai Purapura Yoga School follows a traditional approach and understanding of Yoga. Yoga is not just a practice but a lifestyle. Your learning will include:

  • Anatomy and physiology: body systems & functions, correct alignment

  • Principles of care & modifications

  • Asana (poses) & Pranayama (breathing techniques)

  • Meditation & tools for mind management

  • History & philosophy of yoga

  • Mantra & Kirtan

  • Paths to freedom: Bhakti, Karma, Jnana and Raja Yoga practices

  • Ethics: qualities of a teacher & the use of touch

  • Teaching skills: finding your voice & student support, class & course planning, practicum

Yogic principles & yoga philosophy are applied to everyday life and make this training a transformative experience.

Highly qualified Lead Trainers guide students through the transformative process of the Yoga Teacher Training. Students are being mentored and supported when stepping into teaching. As Yoga School, we draw on the knowledge and wisdom of the Satyananda Yoga Tradition and are connected to The Bihar School of Yoga in North India.

Contact details:

Email the course coordinator for the course information booklet: yogaeducation@kawaipurapura.co.nz