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Sia Hu Heka
Priestess Initiation Retreat

10 - 14 October


Priestess, the sacred current that holds Space and Time.
The embodied paradox between cyclical movement and absolute silence,
the current of life that vibrates deep below, below mind, body, heart... below, deep down, beyond roots.

Priestess is an inner state,
a divine gaze from the densest part of this reality,
it is the sacred chalice, the divine offering, the human longing.

Priestess is the truth hidden in the heart of the essence.
She is not the pillar between the light and the dark.
She is not in the space between.
She is beyond. Far beyond.
She is the primordial force that births light and dark.
The mother and the father of this reality.

She is not the alchemist,
she is the Alchemy,
the force that generates and destroys,
breathing through the thresholds.
She is the intelligence that ignites the beating of your heart
and makes women hear the whispers of the moon in their blood.
It's the reason and the answer.

Some call her Great Mother, others Goddess, Source... Priestess... but she is beyond names, archetypes...
beyond any attempt at definition.

Always beyond...

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

This retreat facilitates a space to...

*Rediscover the parts of yourself that have been lost
or submerged underneath sophisticated masks and layers of conditioning.

*Return to your true power, serving something greater than you.

*Expand your awareness lighting up the hidden aspects of yourself that need attention, love and integration.

*Open to your multidimensional nature, reconnecting with your intuition & inner guidance.

*Feel safe in your body, mind and heart, allowing your soul to finally land and vibrate.

*Release judgment and separation, and bring understanding and union.

*Reconnect with the Mystery of Life.

*Anchor a sense of calmness and trust in yourself. Remembering the magic.

*Unfold the deep Feminine Wisdom inside you.


Sia Hu Heka is an International Visionary, Leader, Ceremonialist, and Midwife of the Soul.
From an early age, her passion for the secret and forbidden has motivated her to explore sexuality, shamanism, and magic. She provides sacred spaces to support individuals to connect to their instinctual wisdom, power, freedom and love, integrating the forgotten and repressed aspects of their being.

Her fire from my Spanish roots, remembered wisdom from her connection to ancient Egypt, and her immense devotion to the Great Love, will lead you into a journey full of depth, wildness, liberation, and celebration for the Soul.


Sia Hu Heka
Founder & Facilitator, Temple of the Goddess

 (64) 223667713

 Coatesville, Auckland, 0793 New Zealand

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