3 day Silent Meditation Retreat
Ashram Yoga

25 Aug, 3:00 pm – 28 Aug, 3:00 pm

Join Amritananda and Yogamurti for an inner journey to discover the beauty of silence and explore

the Self through various yogic techniques and meditation practices. Now more than ever, it is

important to find time to take regular retreats. Even a short period of retreat is a benevolent rest, a

stepping outside of busy daily routines and our ordinary identity.


Contrary to what many people think, meditation is not passive nor is it about having an empty mind.

Instead, it is about self-exploration and allowing our innermost being to express itself. In this

particular tradition, we utilise breath awareness, mantras (sacred sounds), charkas (energy centres)

and energy pathways to develop subtle awareness and dive into the deeper layers of our mind.

Rather than viewing our thoughts and emotions as distractions, we work with what is and embrace

the total spectrum of our inner experience with self-compassion and kindness. This eventually leads

us to discover our true nature – the treasure within.


Silence, a spiritual practice in itself, enables us to internalise and allows a deeper kind of

nourishment. In a silent and meditative environment, the body relaxes, awareness sharpens, and

space opens for hidden impressions to release and insights to develop. Finally we can allow

ourselves to just BE.


We offer well-structured programs that create balance between stillness and movement. Led by

experienced and skilful facilitators, the meditation sessions will be supported by asanas (yoga

postures), pranayama (breath work), yoga nidra (guided relaxation), chanting and discussions.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced practitioner, we invite you to join us on these inner



Cost information:  

3-day Residential Retreat

Cost: $585, including shared accommodation, delicious vegetarian meals and the full retreat


* Special dietary options for gluten free, dairy free & vegan available with extra cost

** Limited single accommodation available with extra cost


Contact details:

To enquire or book, please contact Amrit at 108hariaum@gmail.com or 022 1526 478