Jamala Smyth

Healing with Jamala



The Sacred Geometry Healings assist in fast, effective, deep level releasing and clearing of Fear and Control Programmes, Wounding and Trauma, Low Self worth, Self Doubt and Confusion from your 4 Core Energy Systems  (The Chakra , The Electromagnetic Energy, The Triple Heart and The Christ Consciousness Grid Sysytems) 

These Healings will Support You to Keep Your Field Clear and Uncongested so that Your Vibration may Rise and You may Consistantly Resonate in Oneness Consciousness, in Peace of Mind and in Unconditional Love.

$70 at Aio Wira                               $90 Privately  



I work at Reiki Master Level offering Energy Healing for the Body ,Mind and Soul, Nervous System Unwinding and Deep Relaxation. I intuitively use Sound, Colour, Light Language and Angelic Healing as called for in a Session.

1 Hour $70                                   $80 Privately



Rainbow Essences of Aotearoa

A Medicine Card Reading and Bottle of Vibrational Essence Medicine (made from the Flora and Fauna of Aotearoa)




1 Hour – Feet, Back and Shoulders/Arms and Neck          $70 

30 minutes - Feet, Back and Shouders/Arms and Neck       $40

30 minutes – Feet Massage                               $40


SOUL ASTROLOGY READING        will take 2 weeks to complete  

An Insightful, Deep and Profound Reading that provides a Clear Map and Keys to your Souls Evolution, Empowerment, and Path to Peace, Happiness and Fulfillment in This Life, and The Soul Patterns and Influences from your Past Life that can hold you back and distract you along the way.

Shows how to Maximise Your Potential and Live Your Souls True Life Purpose.



NUMEROLOGY LIFE CHART READING  will take 2 weeks to complete

A Numerology Life chart is a tool for Self Awareness and Self Understanding to help us to achieve a more Harmonious Balance within our lives. You will gain Insights into Your Character, How you Best Express Yourself in Life, Your Motivations, Your Life Cycles, Secret Dreams, Karmic Lessons, Most Suited Career Path in l ife, Hidden Tendencies, Health Potentials, Temperament, and the Numerological Influences presiding over Your Current Year.


My DANCE CLASS held every Monday evening at Aiowira is a deep immersion experience of creative, free flowing, spontaneous movement designed to inspire you to unleash yourselves into a deeper expression of Your Authentic Self.

With Love and the Greatest Respect for Your Dedication and Commitment to increasing the Well-being of Humanity and The Earth, through your own Self Awareness and Healing,

I honour The Wisdom of Your Spirit  and The Beauty of Your Heart

Arohanui - Jamala


For further information, please

email Jamala: jamalabliss@gmail.com