Graham Mead InnerSense
6-Day Residential Retreat

This is a transformational retreat as we have 6 full days with very little distraction in which to explore our inner being in an environment enormously conducive for such a process. People who have attended this retreat over the years, have found it to be particularly valuable due to the sustained, deep attention that develops over the course of the 6 days and the clarity and momentum that follows when they leave the retreat.

We delve into various aspects of inner work through awareness of awareness and the relationship to mind, body and experience by using words, movement, breathwork, sensory exercises with a partner and sustained attention. It is certainly an enriching and expansive experience with ample opportunity to question, confront and explore principles and practicalities of living without the encumbrance of fear. Such a discovery can be challenging and mentally and physically quite confronting, so consider carefully whether you are ready to make the commitment, or speak to me directly if you are uncertain. You do not need prior experience to join this retreat.

The retreat cost includes the course fee, accommodation and fabulous vegetarian food prepared on site.


To register and for any further information, please email Mandy at

Aio Wira Retreat, Waitakere, Auckland