3-Day Residential Retreat

MAY 20 – 23

A 3-day retreat is a great way to build momentum with inner work and overcome the mind's recalcitrance toward self-care.  Aio Wira is a safe, nurturing environment and during the course you will have ample time to explore the intricacies of breath work and meditation, realising the simplicity of healing through feeling your feelings without analysis.

Discover the value of sustained, focussed attention in opening up the inner dimensions of the body's physiology and psychology as a gateway to a richer relationship with everything and everyone in your life.  Experience real stillness. Learn to feel. Learn to breathe.  Experience the key to spontaneous healing.

We will explore mobility and freedom in the body through internal movement and qi gong while accessing the root cause of structural (muscular and connective tissue) restriction and tightness.


Learn to really listen to your body with your whole being.

On this retreat we will cover the foundation for intimate relationship without compromise or manipulation and you will have time to ask questions and clarify any aspect of this work.


Course fee includes accommodation on site and ALL meals and snacks


To register and for any further information, please email Mandy at

Aio Wira Retreat, Waitakere, Auckland

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