Fasting is honouring yourself and your wellbeing

The ancients knew the benefits and wisdom of undergoing a fast and it was common practice for physical healing, spiritual alignment, and bodily and mental rejuvenation.


Fasting is our ‘thing’ too

At Aio Wira, we know that fasts work and we believe in them so much that we specialise in them.


It’s good for your soul and your mind – as well as your body

Fasting can help you with a specific health problem as well as being a reset button toward better habits and better health. After a fast, you will experience a renewed sense of energy, relaxation, motivation and focus. This can really surprise people who have never fasted before.


Our fasts are a shared experience

Our focus on caring and community means that we are with you every step of the way – from providing nutritious organic juices and broths, to offering a space for you to exercise, rest, stretch and meditate, or simply hang out and chat with fellow fasters.


We also have a sauna and spa on site to help you unwind and support the detoxifying process during your stay.


Instruction and guidance is given by qualified staff who regularly fast themselves.

We are excited to host our team of fast facilitators for the Fasting Season. Each one will bring their own experiences and styles. Please click on their names for further details.

 Barry Vautier leading the 10 day fast and 5 day fasts.  Louise Darragh  and Jill Anderson managing our 5 day fasts, and our long term fasters among you will be pleased to know that Di Davies is back facilitating fasts in 2021. 

Fasts generally last for four or nine days, with a further half day allocated for gently breaking the fast (see below for an example of a typical fasting day programme).  Additional body work therapies can also be booked to assist with your relaxation and waste elimination processes (see below for more details).

what you can expect on the fast

The day begins with light exercise.


Every two hours during the fast there is a rotating schedule of fruit and vegetable juices, herbal teas and potassium broth. No solid food is taken for 4 days.


The compulsory activities of the day are:

  • a drink or juice every two hours

  • skin brushing

  • attending the daily group sharing


Every afternoon there is a yoga session followed by a guided relaxation.


The fasting programme includes talks on health and related topics as well as activities for fun and relaxation.

The fast is broken with a light breakfast on the last morning and finishes with a light lunch.

Get more benefit

Massages, facials, shiatsu and other types of bodywork are available during the fast. These can be arranged when you arrive at the centre for your fast, with payment being made directly to the therapist. Our preferred therapists are also available if you wish to have a treatment outside of fasts or other retreats. Contact them direct here


Get the Aio Wira Fasting Book

All the instructions given during the fast are documented in the “Aio Wira Fasting Book”. This book also contains information about the therapeutic value of the fruits and vegetables used in the juices and broth. The book can be purchased from the Centre for $10. 


Oct 8 - 12       5 Day Juice Fast
Oct 22 - 26    Labour weekend with Jill 5 Day Juice Fast
Nov 5 - 14       10 Day Juice Fast with Barry
Nov 26 - 30   5 Day Juice Fast with Louise
Dec 10 - 14     5 Day Juice Fast with Louise, book online

2022 Fasts

Jan  3-9          7 Day New Year's Detox  with Barry & Jill
Feb 11 - 15       5 Day Juice Fast with Di Davies
​Mar 4- 13       10 Day Juice fast​ with Barry
Mar 25 - 29   5 Day Juice Fast with Jill Anderson
Apr 15 - 19      5 Day Easter with Di Davies
May 6 - 10     5 Day Juice Fast with Jill Anderson 
June 17 - 21   Winter Solstice Fast with Louise

Aug 12 - 16    Winter Broth Fast with Louise    
Sep 23 - 27    Spring Fast with Louise
Oct 21 - 25    Labour weekend with Jill 5 Day Juice Fast
Nov 7 - 16      10 Day Juice Fast with Barry

Nov 25 - 29   5 Day Juice Fast with Louise
Dec 9 - 13     5 Day Juice Fast with Louise

5 day fast – 2021  $525 /  2022 $550
10 day fast –  2022  $850 /  2022 $900
A deposit of $100 is required to secure your place.

Bookings can be made online for standard shared accommodation.
For single accommodation or other requests please click Book now to contact Aio Wira directly.