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Alamandria - The art of meditation through colour

19 - 21 November 2021

The Alamandria Art of Meditation and Mindfulness experiential  workshop retreats offer a unique approach to mindfulness and meditation.  Original creative processes have been designed to facilitate personal  discovery and cultivate depth of perception whilst providing a perfect  balance of meditative practice, stillness, movement, play, creativity  and the opportunity for solitude.

Alamandria retreats offer an opportunity for taking time-out from  your busy and demanding daily routine. In this digital age it is often  challenging to find both inner and outer stillness, quietness and peace.  These retreats are suitable for both beginners in meditation as well as  more experienced meditants. Simple techniques are given, often using  creative processes that can help open heart and mind, and bring rich  inner experiences that can form a foundation for managing the stresses  and pace of our frenetic daily lives. Come and be cared for in beautiful  surroundings, enjoy delicious nourishing food amidst great company, and  give yourself the opportunity for inner renewal and further  self-discovery. Places on our retreats are kept small so book early to  avoid disappointment.

Contact: Mark
Phone: 021898592

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