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3-Day Residential Retreat

MAY 20 – 23

The May 3-day retreat is the first of 2 retreats for this year. Retreats offer a depth of immersion that simply cannot be easily reproduced in a workshop. Consequently people experience deep change within them along with an unexpected relief, restfulness and replenishment of one’s being. Graham will guide you through a deep engagement with a variety of practices including self-inquiry, intensive breath work, qi gong and meditation as well as interactive sensory exercises with other participants, designed to enable the development of feeling perception in the body. These practical exercises, alongside targeted discourses enable deep understanding to emerge within a retreat.

Who attends these retreats?

People who are serious about changing their life and taking charge of their mind.

People who are stuck within a particular challenge in their life, physical, relational, emotional or psychological.

People who need time-out from their familiar environment or are simply overwhelmed and want to do something useful for themselves.

People who are looking for a way to start an inner journey and realise there is some inertia to overcome.

Therapists and other people in the helping profession who need self-care.

What happens on a retreat?

Daily meditations, breath-work sessions and qi gong.

Inspiring talks by Graham including question-answer sessions.

Interactive practices with other participants and discovery of dormant inner sense abilities.

Develop a daily self-care protocol most suitable to you.

Meet like-minded people with a shared intention.

An opportunity to experience being totally silent for 24hrs (course schedule continues).

Time to reconnect with nature through the intimacy of Aio Wira retreat centre in the Waitakere ranges.

Time for both solitude and community connection.

Support your gut health with wholesome, nourishing food, lovingly prepared for you.


$895- course fee includes accommodation on site and ALL meals and snacks


To register and for any further information, please email Mandy at

Aio Wira Retreat, Waitakere, Auckland

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