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Aio Wira 3 day Retreat

February 23-35
June 7-9
August 2-4
November 29-1December 

Welcome to a 3 day Retreat weekend at Aio Wira.

A 2-night 3-day program designed to provide a nourishing and deeply restful reset.


Our weekend retreat includes yoga, meditation, spa and sauna, presenter workshops and optional body therapy.

The program gives you 'you time' with space to walk, read or simply relax. Fast on organic juices, smoothies and blended soups for two days and complete your weekend with a delicious plant-based meal.


Our fasts and retreats are guided by qualified facilitators and offer high-quality nourishment, guidance, and time to rest and reset.  The tranquil atmosphere at Aio Wira and the fasting program give the strength and motivation to make meaningful lifestyle changes (healthier diets, new physical regimens, stress reduction). On the three-day retreats we include yoga, relaxation techniques, meditation, movement workshops and sharing circles, for an opportunity to stretch, to detox and restore health and well-being.

The unique environment of Aio Wira offers a place of peace and tranquility, with a Spa and Sauna, bush walks, river swimming, library and meditation sanctuary.


Body Therapy is offered and our reflexology, myo-facia, hot stone, therapeutic and remedial massages and Reiki are available for $90 per treatment. Facials are now available at $90 per treatment.


To confirm your booking please email 

with a payment of $430 to the Aio Wira account 02 0152 0309533 00.

Please use your full name as the reference, 3 day and the month you wish to attend as the code - thanks.

Twin-share accommodation but we do have limited single rooms available for the 3-day retreats, we recommend you book early. 

Aio Wira

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