Retreats and courses to enliven you

Live well, live fully!
Whether it is a one day health retreat that you are seeking (or would like to facilitate) or a 5 day fast, Aio Wira offers a range of courses that have been designed to nourish your mind, body and spirit.
Every course is an investment in yourself and in your future.
Join us in celebrating wellness and deepen your journey within – either as a professional health practitioner or a participant.
Our doors are always open to new and restorative adventures.
what's coming up at aio wira
Aio Wira is a very popular venue for facilitators to hold group workshops, retreats and courses. If you are interested in any of the following upcoming retreats and courses click on the arrow to find out more information and get in touch with the course facilitator to check availability.
18 - 22 june

5 Day Fast with Louise

30 June

Yoga Wellness Day

2-4 July

Living Consciously Retreat

16-20 july

5 Day Fast with Barry

10 - 12 sept

Aio Wira Time Out Retreat

24 - 28 sept

5 Day Fast with Louise

6 October

Yoga Wellness Day

15-17 October

Soul Revival Retreat

6 - 8 august

Soul Revival Retreat

13 - 17 august

 5 Day Fast with Jill

20 - 22 August

Wellness Retreat

30 Aug- 5 sept

Inner Sense 6-Day Self Awareness Retreat

Individual body work sessions add-ons

Deepen you retreat experience with an individual session or two with our natural health partners. Depending on the course being run, sessions can be booked in advanced with fully qualified professional practitioners who will see you onsite at the elected time and day. Each session with these professionals is an extra cost that can vary and is paid directly to each practitioner. Please email us to check availability and to book your session.

Health & Wellness Therapist.

Bodywork, Massage, Counselling, Nutrition Coaching

Stephanie Wynn

0210 223 2618

Stephanie has been a passionate advocate for wellness for almost 3 decades. She especially loves bodywork where she can support you to reconnect, release & heal.


Shiatsu Practitioner


Michael Dougherty

09 436 5663


Shiatsu is a form of Japanese body work, clothed, with pressure and stretches working on the body's energy meridian system to bring about balance and relaxation.

Massage Relaxation or Holistic; Deeper Tissue Work; Māori Healing Bodywork Romiromi/Mirimiri

Kath Kuebler

09 889 9287


See Kath for a nurturing Relaxation Massage, some Deeper Tissue work, or take a look under the surface with her Holistic Massage or a Romiromi/Mirimiri session


Massage Therapist


Jody Watton

A hot stone massage with Jody will leave you both re balanced and grounded. Allow the warmth of the stones to penetrate blocked areas to release pain and tension. 

Trained in California with 20 years of body work experience, Jody will tailor a session for your body’s needs giving you a deep sense of well being


Physical Therapist


Naomi Cassrels

Phone 0274 813 336



Therapeutic and Remedial Massage, Neuro-Muscular Therapy, Myo-Fascia Release and Craniosacral Therapy. She has excellent results with pain management and chronic conditions

Yoga for healing

Nick Wilson

0273 702 142

Life Breath Yoga is a simple and safe tool to improve and promote, develop and maintain overall health, inclusive of flexibility, strength, structural alignment, proper functioning of various body systems and mental/emotional steadiness. It is designed for ordinary people leading normal lives.


Tai Chi – “Ancient Chinese health practice through slow harmonious movement.”


Ben and Anne

Anne 021 1708797 

Ben 021 146 9038


Classes are at Massey Community Hub, Ranui Community Centre and Crestwood retirement Village in Green Bay.


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New practitioner


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New practitioner


New practitioner starting soon